Shimmering 2.14CT Corn Flower Blue Sapphire Sterling Silver


This striking piece was designed and handmade using the finest 925 sterling silver. Holding a vibrant 2.14ct cornflower blue sapphire, this truly is a joy to behold for any pet owner. And will always make the perfect gift at that perfect time.

Stone Creation : 100% Natural ethically earth mined Royal Blue sapphire
Center Stone (Type and Size) : 2.14ct
Certification : Yes
Stone dimension : 7.81×7.55×4.23mm
Stone Color : Corn Flower Blue
Shape : Round
Material : 925 sterling silver (Rhodium plated)
Silver Weight : 3.353g
Other Stones : N/A
SKU : 263156
Make : 100% Handmade

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