A Delightful 1.26CT Purple Sapphire Pendant


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This radiant 1.26ct purple sapphire pendant is handmade using the finest 925 sterling silver. In it our master jeweler has created a simply gorgeous item to add to any collection. As a gift to mark the big day or something just for your own pleasure and enjoyment.

Stone Creation : 100% Natural ethically earth mined purple stone
Center Stone (Type and Size) : 1.26ct Gemologist/ Lab
Certification : Yes
Stone dimension : 6.63×5.04×3.65mm
Stone Color : Purple
Shape : Radiant
Material : 925 sterling silver (Rhodium plated)
Silver Weight : 0.882g
Other Stones : Cubic Zirconia
SKU : 263163
Make : 100% Handmade

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