Stunning 1.62CT Blue Sapphire Pendant


This very beautiful 1.62CT blue sapphire pendant is handmade by our master jeweler using 925 sterling silver. The certified sapphire gemstone locket is an ideal gift for a mother with her new born child, or perhaps someone who is expecting a baby. Maybe even something special just for you.

Stone Creation : 100% Natural ethically earth mined blue sapphire stone
Center Stone (Type and Size) : 1.62ct  Gemologist/ Lab
Certification : Yes
Stone dimension : 7.62×7.47×3.66mm
Stone Color : Blue
Shape : Heart
Material : 925 sterling silver (Rhodium plated)
Silver Weight : 3.466g
Other Stones : Cubic Zirconia
SKU : 1205052
Make : 100% Handmade


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